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When we think of holidays in Egypt, our first thought is of the Pyramids of Giza.  Steeped in mystery, the Pyramids are not only the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, but they are also the oldest.  We cannot be sure how old exactly.  Conservative estimates say at least 4,000 years (please visit our Egypt Forum for further discussion and Egypt travel information).  Of one thing we can be certain.  A first glimpse of this testament to ancient civilisation is an awe-inspiring, often emotional experience, for even the most weatherworn traveller.  Indeed, even for those living in Egypt, the sight never quite loses its lustre.

But to think that this, inarguably the most glorious site in the world, is all Egypt has to offer is to sell her short.  The country is strewn with archaeological treasures.  It is estimated that there are at least 5,000.  From the mighty Sphinx to the Colossi of Memnon; the Valley of the Kings to Mount Sinai, Egypt is steeped in history.  One might say it’s where history began.  And through its heart flows its lifeblood.  The Nile.


This mighty river flows from south to north, all the way from equatorial Africa to the Nile Delta, and on into the Mediterranean Sea.  It spans a distance of over 4,000 miles, breathing life into a desert landscape.  Why not spend your holidays in Egypt sailing on a felucca, drifting along on no more than a breeze and birdsong?  Catching a sunset over the Nile is to see colours like never before.  There are 1001 things to see and do in Egypt, from the stimulating to the sublime.  Why not visit our Egypt Forum, where you can pick up helpful Egypt travel information and advice from fellow travellers, Egyptians and expats living in Egypt?


Be sure to look for Egypt holiday deals if you want to treat your family and friends to a fantastic getaway.  Spending a vacation in Egypt will be the holiday of a lifetime since this place is host to so many world class tourist attractions.  You and your loved ones will surely have a fabulous time holidaying here.  It would be recommended to bring along your digital cameras so that you can take photos of the magnificent things that you will witness here.


The north of the country, or lower Egypt as its known (following the flow of the river) is surprisingly lush and green.  Delicious fresh fruit is plentiful and can be picked up for pennies, from mangoes to oranges; grapes to watermelon.  In ancient times, caravans of traders would arrive on the trade winds, laden with spices from further flung shores.  Indeed, gentle spicy scents waft to meet you wherever you go.


Egyptian cuisine is sumptuous, a Mediterranean meets North African meets Eastern fusion, with nuances from French occupation.  There is something to suit all palates.  To taste true Egyptian falafel is to know how poor those supermarket imitations really are.  Koftas, lean lamb patties blended with herbs and spices, simply melt in the mouth.  Fish and shellfish are very popular, and in great abundance.  Balloons of freshly baked pita bread are simple fare, but taste just out of this world. 


Egypt is a land of contrasts.  The Ancient World meets the 21st Century.  Wandering Cairo’s maze of alleys you take a turn and find yourself in a tree lined avenue, overlooked by swanky apartments that wouldn’t look out of place in Paris or London.  A few more turns lead you to a souk; a few more to a plush shopping plaza.  Egypt has more than its fair share of 5 star hotels and night clubs to offer in its cities and holiday resorts.  For those looking to while away their evenings in more laid back pursuits, there are an abundance of excellent restaurants to choose from, or what could be more romantic than a candlelit supper on a moonlit boat ride?


Of course there are the archaeological sites and camel rides, but there’s also plenty for those looking for a faster pace.  Why not try quad biking, rock climbing or kite surfing to get the adrenalin going?  There are safari holidays and trekking tours, yoga retreats and fishing holidays.  Egypt is dynamic.  Young or old, luxury travel or backpacking, there’s something for everyone. 


The beaches of the Red Sea are second to none, with golden sands and year round warm weather, making Egypt the ideal winter retreat for those looking to top up their tan and spend a week in luxury.  Package holidays to Egypt are surprisingly affordable since the budget airlines got in on the act.  Whether it’s the vibrant nightlife of Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and El Gouna, or the more tranquil resorts of Sahl Hasheesh, Nuweiba and Taba, from one resort to another, you’re guaranteed crystal clear waters, pristine beaches and great weather.


The Red Sea is renowned the world over as a diver’s paradise.  No holiday would be complete with out a scuba or snorkel trip, or at the very least a glass bottomed boat ride.  Whether you’re interested in the pelagic species like dolphins and manta rays found in the open waters of Sharm and Hurghada, or the smaller, more unusual creatures such as tangs, clown fish and seahorses found in the more sheltered Gulf of Aqaba, whilst above the water you’ll find yourself surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Sinai’s towering mountains, below it you’ll be dazzled by a breathtaking rainbow of colour. 


Wherever your holidays in Egypt lead you, one thing that’s a constant is a warm welcome.  Egyptians are famed the world over for their wit, kindness and manners, and take pride in being conscientious, helpful hosts.  You couldn’t be in better hands for your annual holiday.  In fact, like many travellers before you, you’ll probably find it to be the first trip of many.  Call into our Egypt forum for tips and advice from friendly residents and knowledgeable expats living in Egypt.  You'll find a mine of Egypt travel information as well as a warm welcome there waiting for you.